Best Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographers
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Best Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographers

Best Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographers: 

We love to photograph weddings at the beautiful Venetian Yacht Club.  They have small yet stunning grounds that make for fabulous wedding photos. 

This is a photo of Kelsey & Cory two beautiful people inside and out.  In this particular wedding picture, we wanted to convey a way of saying they were on top of the world, alone, yet together.  The sky on there wedding day was perfect!  

The sky is the limit for this bride and groom in this dramatic wedding photo! The immense sky is powerful in this image but it only highlights the couple as they share a candid moment with one another at the top of this staircase. This image was taken at the incredible Venetian Yacht Club where there are tons of captivating views to choose from. This lovely couple chose to have a fall wedding and the day was windy which gave the bride some concern. But the wind was her friend on her wedding day, and only helped to create movement and flow in her wedding dress and did not affect her bridal hair and make up. The groom's tuxedo is complimented by the white clouds and the brides stunning white wedding gown.

Dramatic Wedding Photography at the Venetian Yacht Club.

Both the bride and groom are avid boaters and share a love of the sea. This couple was great to work with, they were both bubbly and lively and full of life. This dramatic Long Island wedding photo gives you a glimpse into their happiness. This bride and her groom will no doubt live happily ever after.

Please come visit our homepage if this Long Island wedding photo is to your liking. At Lotus Wedding Photography we pride ourselves in making photographic memories that are dramatic, creative, and romantic to convey the emotion through imagery. Our amazing wedding photographs are done in many styles from modern to traditional, from candid and photo journalistic to amazing portraits. You will see many more powerful and creative wedding photographs which you will not just look at but you will FEEL.

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