Creative Fox Hollow Wedding Photographer: Night Time
Lotus Wedding Photography

Creative Fox Hollow Wedding Photographer: Night Time

Creative Fox Hollow Wedding Photographer: Night Time

Fox Hollow Caterers is one of our absolute favorite place to photograph weddings.

We at Lotus Wedding Photography love to create amazing images like this one! In this powerful Long Island wedding photo taken at the amazing Fox Hollow Caterers, this elegant bride and groom strike a stunning pose together.

In this creative night time photo at Fox Hollow, there is so much to look at, the lighting, the huge trees and foliage, the beautiful brick building. But the focus is on the bride and groom as they steal the show in this incredible dramatic wedding photo. The light cast upon the bride and groom gives a dramatic effect and makes this photograph pop. 

Creative Night Time Wedding Photos at Fox Hollow

At Lotus, we capture the intensity of the moment to give life to a photograph which gives it a living energy. It was not difficult with this fantastic couple, full of their own charisma and personality. We can see the love and happiness of this bride and groom and just know they will live happily ever after. The day was filled with laughter and dancing and we caught it all to create amazing memories for these newlyweds.

We love to take unique and candid wedding photographs that are not only amazing but also have a story within them waiting to be told. We hope you love this dramatically creative wedding photo as much as we loved shooting it. Lotus Wedding Photography is the best at taking candid, modern, photo journalistic and vintage Long Island wedding photos, because we not only shoot an image, we tell a story by CREATING an image. If you like this powerful wedding photo, please be sure to visit our home page were we have many more amazing, candid, creative, modern and photo journalistic wedding photos for you to enjoy.

Location: 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797.