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Creative Raphael Vineyard's Wedding Photos

Creative Raphael Vineyard's Wedding Photos

Photographing a wedding at Raphael's Vineyard is so much fun.  They have so many beautiful photography opportunities, we can shoot for hours! 

This creative Raphael Vineyard's Wedding Photo was taken at the incredible Raphael's Vineyard. This creative photo is not just a beautiful; it is a symbolic reflection of the love and happiness that they share with one another. Using the mirror seemed to make the moment more candid and private. The mood of the cellar was relaxed and natural. I remember smiling as I was shooting because this couple was so in love with one another that I couldn't help but feel the sense of joy for them. In this dramatic black and white photo the wine barrels create the foreground for the bride and her groom to share an intimate moment. the bride is beautifully clad in her wedding dress, from the lace detailing in her gown to the delicate hair accessories. The groom is handsome in his tux as he embraces his lovely bride.

We at Lotus Wedding photography make it our goal to give our clients the most wonderful photographic memories of the wedding that they have ever dreamed of. Our photographs not only show an image, but they also tell a story of two people who met and then fell in love and chose to spend the rest of their lives with one another. If you love this imaginatively creative wedding photo as much as we do, then please come visit our home page where, you will see many more epic Long Island wedding photos. We create amazing wedding shots of all types and styles such as modern, traditional, candid and photo journalistic to stunning portraits.

Location: 39390 Route 25, Peconic, NY 11958.