Father and Daughter Wedding Dance - Emotional & Candid
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Father and Daughter Wedding Dance - Emotional & Candid

Father and Daughter Dance 

In this heart warming Long Island wedding photo, the father of the bride shares the first dance with his daughter as a married woman. This moment was emotional as depicted in the look on the bride's face. Many people in the room welled up with tears as they watched on. The father looks into the camera wanting to make this memory timeless so that he can remember this exact moment always. He beams with pride because he feels happy and blessed to watch her grow from daddy's little girl into the wonderful woman she has become. The father shares this proud moment with the bride and she knows in her heart of hearts that she will always be daddy's little girl. This father is happy that he could take part in giving his daughter the wedding of her dreams. She is beautiful in her exquisite wedding gown at her amazing Giorgio's wedding.

Candid Wedding Photos at Giorgio's catering hall.

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