Fire Island Same Sex Wedding Photographers
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Fire Island Same Sex Wedding Photographers

Fire Island Same Sex Wedding Photographers: Gay Wedding

This loving couple said " I Do" on Fire Island which was featured on CNN. These two share an intimate moment and they laugh with one another. Each looks like a GQ model as they stand together and touch hands in their matching tuxedos. This black and white photo captured their happy personalities and also shows their relationship as well. They are playful, kind and loving with one another, and seem to be best friends. This is what everybody should have in a marriages. We should all be so lucky to get to marry someone we consider to be our best friend. 

No matter what sex or gender they are, if it feels right then it is right! At Lotus Wedding photography we believe that love should bring two people together to share their lives with one another, which is what we have here with this passionate and joyful groom and groom. At Lotus Wedding Photography we don't take on a job, when we work with clients, we take on the responsibility and obligation to provide our new friends with lasting photographic memories and that they can admire and adore forever. We take pride in what we do and aim to give our clients the most epic Long Island wedding photographs that they could ask for! If you would like to see more of our inspiring, romantic and creative photos, then please do visit our home page!

Location: Fire Island.