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Fox Hollow Wedding Photographer -

Fox Hollow Wedding Photographer

This bride and groom share an romantic moment together in this creative night time image. This romantic Long Island photo was taken at the incredible Fox Hollow. This loving couple looks fantastic in this image. The groom is dashing his tuxedo as he kisses the woman of his dreams. The blushing bride is beautiful as she falls into the arms of the man she will spend the rest of her life with. The embroidery in the wedding gown is beautifully detailed in the night light. The light and shadows dance around the image to create the perfect visual romance. This couple was the cutest; they were so loving and obviously happy together. They were a joy to work with.

I became a Long Island wedding photographer because it brings me great joy to see the happiness on the faces of a husband and wife as they look upon my photos of their wedding for the very first time. The tenderness, love, trust and surety felt from this photo is evident. You can feel the love they have for one another by looking at this wedding photo, which is our goal at Lotus. We are the very best at taking the most epic Long Island wedding photographs! We don't take pictures; we create photographic images that pull the viewer into the moment with powerful imagery. If you enjoy this photo as much as we enjoyed taking it, then please come visit our home page and you will see many more dramatic, epic, romantic, creative and powerful wedding photographs.

Location: Fox hollow - 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797.