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Fox Hollow Wedding Photographers - Modern & Creative

Fox Hollow Wedding Photographers - Modern & Creative 

This stunning image was shot at the incredible Fox Hollow. We see the eloquent silhouette of this beautiful bride. The elegant ruffle detailing of her wedding gown is illuminated by the natural sunlight which shines in from the window. This powerful black and white image is a favorite at Lotus Wedding Photography, as it tells a story about the character of this bride. Stunning, graceful and glamorous are just a few words that describe what one sees in this creative Long Island wedding photograph. This photo was shot as the bride was getting ready in the legendary Somerly Room. It was a pleasure to work with this bride and her groom, and we wish them both the very best in their bright future together!

This image is now frozen and made timeless for all to look back upon and reminisce. It is our intent to create ageless photographic flashbacks that are loving, creative, and powerful to provide cherished memories that last. Please visit our homepage where you will see many more amazing and stunning wedding photographs which we hope you enjoy!

We take our love of creating timeless Long Island Photographs very seriously. When our clients, family and friends look upon our photographs, we want them to be brought back in time to this most special event of their lives at any time they choose. If you love this photo as much as we do, then please come see our home page where you will see many more epic, stunning, dramatic and powerful photographs.

Location: 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797.