Long Island Wedding Photographer - Candid Getting Ready
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Long Island Wedding Photographer - Candid Getting Ready


Candid Getting Ready Wedding Photo

If you have visited our home page you will see that i love to use mirrors in my wedding photographs. This candid photo is another one of my creative reflection images.The image was shot at the incredible Whitby Castle in Rye New York. The beautiful bride is getting ready for her big day! The doting mother of the bride and the excited bridal party are getting ready as well, but in this photo they are all captivated by the gorgeous bride as she is getting her hair done. I love to get to know the people I am working with so that i can better capture their personalities in my work. 

Creative getting ready wedding photography 

The women in this bridal party were thrilled for their bride to be. I over heard them whispering about how amazing the bride looked and how they believe that the bride and groom were a perfect match for one another. They felt that this couple would live happily ever after. The mother of the bride just watched on as she beamed with pride and love for her baby who has grown into a lovely young woman about to embark on a journey with the man of her dreams, to share a life together. Mother seemed content with a knowing that he daughter was in safe loving hands with the groom. The bride looks at excitedly looks at herself, ready to become a wife to the husband she fell in love with.

We wish this couple and their amazing family all the best, we too can see that they will live happily ever after! We at Lotus Wedding Photography aim to capture moments like this, so that our clients can take with them all the wonderful memories, that are full of such emotions as in this image. Please visit our home page to see more creative, loving and emotional wedding photographs such as this one.