Long Island Wedding Photographers - Unique Photo
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Long Island Wedding Photographers - Unique Photo

Long Island Wedding Photographers - Unique Photos

At Lotus Wedding Photography we give our all at what we do to make creative images such as this one. In this stunning Long Island wedding photo we see the stunning bride as she stands in the amazing Our lady of Perpetual Help. The beautiful warm tones against the stark white pews help to make this image breathtaking! The warm low lighting coupled with the natural sunlight that shines upon the bride only accentuates the wonderful detailing of this graceful wedding gown and delicate bridal bouquet. This image is favored as this is a dramatic image that evokes emotion from the viewer. All the focus is on the elegant bride in her exquisite gown as it should be! After the ceremony everyone headed over the Fox Hollows for the reception. This is a fabulous Fox Hollows Wedding that took place in the fantastic Somerly Room. There was much more celebrating to be had as it turned out! Everything was lovely and the amazing couple and their family and friends had a fantastic time celebrating the union of this happy husband and wife.

Our goal at Lotus is to make our clients sparkle on their special day. As it turns out this is a win win situation because when our clients shine, so do we! This is why Lotus Wedding Photography is one of the best well known and sought after wedding photography studio in all of Long Island. We are the best and creating powerful Long island wedding photographs such as this one. If you would like to see more photos journalistic, dramatic, modern and powerful images then head over to our home page when you will see many more inspirational wedding photographs.

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