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Long Island Wedding Photography - Dancing

Long Island Wedding Photography - Dancing 

This epic Long Island wedding photo was taken at the legendary Giorgio's. This bride and groom are all about fun and living life to the fullest, as you can clearly see from this image. The groom in his traditional black tux is anything BUT traditional. He and his beautiful bride not only light up the dance floor as everyone claps, but they brighten out hearts with their joy and excitement. In this candid wedding photo we can see the elegant detailing of bride's wedding dress as she is twirled by her groom. The lighting gives this image a dramatic feel as the shadows are cast on the dance floor.

There were so many happy people laughing and just having amazing fun times at this awesome wedding. It was a joy for us to take part in capturing their memories. At Lotus Wedding Photography we take our passion for the creating timeless memories very seriously. We want our clients to be able to be brought back in time to this most special day of their lives at any time they choose.

We love to take photo journalistic Long Island wedding photographs that are not only stunning but also have a story within them waiting to be told. We hope this creative and dramatic Wedding Photo excites you as much as it does us. If you like this image, please be sure to take a look at our home page were we have many more fascinating, creative, modern and traditional wedding photos for you to enjoy.

Location: 100 Fox Hill Dr, Calverton, NY 11933.