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Planting Fields Wedding Photography - Lotus weddings

This dramatic Long Island wedding photo was taken at the spectacular Planting Fields Arboretum. The vaulted ceilings, amazing natural stone and slate floor accentuate the amazing wedding gown of the beautiful bride. The groom is confident in his modern tuxedo as he stands with his bride to be. The arched ceiling with ornate stone molding and old world windows add a sense of grandeur to this image as the couple stands in a noble pose. This couple was a very favorite at Lotus Wedding Photography! We love to get to know our clients to get a sense of their personalities and who they are so that we can fulfill their wishes and shoot the style that most suits them. These clients were fun to be around and were up for anything and open to our ideas when it came to taking photographs. We are very pleased with the epic wedding photos we took of this fantastic couple, not only because they are amazing to look at, but because these powerful wedding photos are a perfect representation of their characters and also show the true love that these two pervade. We hope you like what you see as we at Lotus Wedding Photography only give our clients only the very best of every service we provide in addition to photographs, we also provide custom wedding video's, wedding albums and more. If you enjoy this dramatic Long Island wedding photo as much as we do then please do visit our home page where you can view many more powerful and romantic images that will make you feel happy.

Location: Planting Fields.