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Same Sex Wedding Photographer - Fire Island, Romance

Same Sex Wedding Photographer - Fire Island, Romance

You may kiss the groom! In this incredibly romantic same sex Long Island wedding photo we have their very first kiss EVER as husband and husband! The family and friends all cheer on in excitement for the perfect couple. These newlyweds kissed for such a long time and the cheering and clapping continued just as long as the kiss. This couple is very lucky to have such supportive loving family and friends who surround them on this very special day. 

Their love and contentment with one another was evident by their unwillingness to let go of one another as they shared their first kiss.They just seemed to want the moment to last for an eternity, and thanks to our amazing Lotus wedding photographers, IT WILL. We aim to capture the very meaningful memories of our clients as they join together in the union to spend the rest of their lives with one another. 

Fire Island Same Sex Wedding Photographer

This Amazing wedding was shot on the legendary Fire Island and was also featured on CNN. Yes the groom and his groom got married and are now newlyweds! Yes the groom and his groom got married! At Lotus Wedding photography we believe that love should bring two people together to share their lives with one another, which is what we have here with this passionate and joyful groom and groom. If your would like to see more of our amazing romantic and creative modern wedding photographs then please visit our home page where we hope you will enjoy!

Location: Fire Island.