Lotus Wedding Photography

Bourne Mansion Wedding Photography

The Bourne Mansion is one of Long Island's premier catering halls.  We have photographed dozens of weddings at this beautiful venue.  We started this wedding day with the bride.  Her getting ready photos are some of the most creative sections of the day.  We love to use available light to create interesting and unique images of the wedding bands, invitation, ear rings, bridal bouquet and of course wedding dress.  

Candid wedding images are a huge part of telling the story of your wedding day.  We love taking our time and making stunning photos that make you saw wow!  However, I feel that the images that have the most impact are the ones that have meaning behind it.  The small little gestures that show our couples true feelings.  Like a ring bearer helping the groom with his bowtie, or the maid of honor helping the bride put on her shoes, right before she is to be wed.  

One of the most important parts of any wedding day, are the traditional formal family photos.  These images mean more to our newlyweds then most other photos.  When is the next time you will get all of your loved ones together, dressed up, and in a fancy catering hall such as the Bourne Mansion.  We try to get as many groupings and combinations as possible.  We talk to all of our couples prior to their wedding about what photos they want and what photos they could do without, thus insuring we are smart about our time management. 

After everything is said and done, your guests will remember how your DJ had everyone up dancing all night, they will remember the food and how amazing it was. The things you will remember will be the photographs, and how much fun you had, and how beautiful everything looked.  We as Professional Long Island wedding photographers always try to show each and every wedding in the best possible light. We try to show your wedding day through our lens.