Lotus Wedding Photography

Bridgeview Yacht Club Wedding Photographer

We love shooting at Bridgeview Yacht Club for so many reasons.  They have a great staff, great food and the view is incredible.  

This wedding was exceptionally fun.  We started with the Bride in a near by hotel room.  We like to start ever wedding day with interesting and different bridal details. Such as unique engagement rings shots.  As well as creative bridal shoe, wedding dress, and any jewelry shots.   

We then move on to the getting ready section of our wedding day.  We always leave the room, then ask one of the bridesmaids to get us when the bride is in her wedding dress. This gives us time to think about where we want to photograph the bride getting ready and various other photos we may want to try.  As well as gives the bride time to get ready in peace without a photography and videography crew watching her.  

Once the Maid of Honor or one of the other bridesmaids have let us know the bride is totally dressed and ready for her photo session, we re-enter the room and begin the getting ready photos.  We typically like a nice clean background, so we sometimes move picture frames and lamps out of the way creating a non distracting background for our wedding photos.  We like to use the mother of the bride or anyone close to her to help with these images.  They make for great candid moments that really help tell the story of the day.  

While we were with the Bride the second photographer or "photojournalist" was with the groom.  Groom prep, is an important time for the wedding day.  It's not all just about the girls, the men need some TLC also.  We like to get him, putting his tie on, or his jacket. We love to use the best man for these shots.  It loosens him up, allowing him to relax and that makes for great candid wedding images.  

First Reveal at Bridgeview Yacht Club

We all meet up at Bridgeview Yacht Club for the first reveal.  The great thing about Brideview is that they have many locations for various aspects of any wedding day.  We choose to use the hall way connecting the main ballroom to the cocktail hour room.  The reason for this is, the sun was directly overhead and it would have created harsh shadows under the bride and grooms eyes and would not have made for a pretty photo.  So we used the hall way, which is beautiful in it's own right for this.  Thus, eliminating the sun and the harsh shadows and allowing the viewer to focus on the moment and not just a distracting sunspots.  I love the brides reaction to seeing her future husband for the first time.  She lights up and so does he.  Most times, grooms are a little more reserved then our brides. They tend to hold as much back as possible, trying to keep this "manly" persona going.  But not this time, the groom let his emotions go and it really made for some stunning candid moments. 

Bridal Party Photos at Bridgeview Yacht Club

After the first reveal, I typically like to go straight into bridal party and family photos.  The reason for this is, I like to get them done, while 1) the bridal party is still sober enough to take direction and 2) The family / mother of the bride's make up is still fresh and they / she looks like a million bucks.  

I choose to do the bridal party photos in Bridgeviews outdoor ceremony area.  It is a great little area that made for some fun and creative bridal party photos.  I always start off with a traditional bridal party photo, where they are camera aware and looking straight into the camera.  This is a must have photo for any wedding day.  After this, I like to have a little fun and get some silly / goofy / weird / fun bridal party photo.  Some typical combos I like to take are, the bride and each one of her bridesmaids.  The groom and each one of his groomsmen.  The entire bridal party together.  And then, the bride with the groomsmen and the groom with the bridesmaids.  This gives us enough to play with when we are putting together the wedding album.  It also makes the bridal party feel like they were a bigger part of the day.  

After these were done, we move on to the traditional family photos.  I choose to use Bridgeview Yacht Clubs entrance way.  They have a nice fireplace on the right hand side that makes for a nice background for the family photo section of the day.  These images are straight to the point, and we get as many combinations as we possibly can.  Trying not to leave anyone out.  We typically talk to the newlyweds prior the wedding in their finals appointment about who they want photos with and who they don't.  Thus, making the family photos section of the day, quick and painless.  

Indoor Ceremony Photos at Bridgewview Yacht Club

Bridgeview Yacht Club has two locations for wedding ceremonies.  Out side and Inside.  The couple and the staff choose to do their ceremony inside due to the weather.  It is quite a site to see, as a quest the bride and groom stand, hand in hand facing each other, looking into each others eyes.  The officiant in the middle speaking about love and marriage.  The backdrop is a an amazing water and sun kissed sky.  I love all of the emotion that is bought out of we wedding ceremony.  The mother of the bride watching her daughter as she marries her soul mate.  The father of the groom watching, remembering the first time he had the "birds and the bees" talk with his son.  Tears of joy can be found from the front row the the back row which makes for great candid wedding photos for the bride and groom to love forever.