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Chateau Briand Wedding Photographer

Chateau Briand is one of our favorite places to photograph weddings.  They have beautiful grounds that all us to create beautiful and creative wedding photography and videography.  We love photographing their beautiful waterfall and their Miami night club like interior allows our creativity to flow and create beautiful and different wedding photographs for your loved ones to enjoy for a lifetime.  

When shooting a wedding,  we pride ourselves in providing a diverse selection of wedding photographs.  We believe you need all types of styles of photos in your final gallery.  Such as creative detail photos of your engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding dress, jewelry etc.  As well as traditional family portraits.  After these photos are taken, what we love is creating dramatic and creative wedding photographs.  Being creative and capturing the moment is why most of us became wedding photographers in the first place.  Looking for different ways to tell your story is what drives us and pushes us to always be better. And I believe that is what makes us Long Islands Best Wedding Photography Studio.  

Lets take a virtual tour of this beautiful location.  When we photograph a wedding here, we typically like to start in the front of the venue.  They have a beautiful entrance way lined with trees that we love to use during your wedding day.  We typically like to shoot only the bride and groom here.  Because it is after all still a drive way, we do not like to hold up the traffic flowing in and out of the venue. Plus, with just a couple we can take a few photos and move quickly, we do not want to have to do the entire photo shoot worrying if we are going to be hit by a car.  

We then make our way to the front of the building where at this point in the day we are going to bypass for photos.  I love to do plenty of photos here, but at this point in the wedding day, with the sun still being out, we prefer to move to a different location as we will be using this part of Chateau Briand Catering Hall later in the day for night time photos.  

We go into Chateau Briand, wow there is so much to do here!  They have a huge Miami night club feel.  They have really nice art deco chairs that we like to do some couple photos on. They have a beautiful blue ceiling that, when photographed in the right direction can really make a wedding photo pop off the screen.  I love using the stairs if we are going to do a first look indoors. 

Once we are inside Chateau, where we photograph really depends on a few factors.  This is not a one wedding at time so it really depends on what other weddings are going on that day and where the maitre d will allow us to shoot.  The good thing about Chateau Briand Caterers is that the bridal suits are so big that they double as photo studios.  We can do formal family photos, silly and fun bridal party photos right in the bridal suite.  

One of our favorite places to photograph at this particular Long Island Catering Hall is their ceremony / out door cocktail hour area.  They have a nice arch way with hanging white flower balls that make for timeless wedding photos.  Also a huge plus is when having your ceremony here, the sun sets right over your heads which gives the bride and groom a stunning light that glows on your hair and makes my photographer heart happy! 

Each reception room is themed very alike, but each has their own slight theme.  Each room has LED room lighting, which is essential for good reception photos.  When your venue does not have what is traditionally called "up lighting" your dancing photos have no pop to them, the background is just black.  But since you have up lighting in each reception room, your entrances, first dance, parent dances and cake cutting photos will all have a pop of color in the background giving life to your indoor reception photos.  

Now, on to one of my favorite parts of any wedding day at Chateau Briand Cateres. NIGHT TIME PHOTOS!  We always ask the bride and groom in our finals appointment if they would like night time photos.  99% of the time, they have booked this venue for the night time photos, and here is why.  The front of Chateau Briand is one of, if not THE best location for creative night time photos.  We love to use their beautiful waterfall for a number of interesting and unique night time wedding photos.  The grand entrance is also something that makes for a spectacular shot.  

For more info go to http://www.chateaubriandcaterers.com/