Lotus Wedding Photography

Chateau La Mer Wedding Photographer

Having our studio located in Lindenhurst Long Island, only a few blocks away from Chateau La Mer, 845 S Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, NY 11757.  We have photographed dozens of weddings at this Long Island Catering Hall. 

They have many features that make it a great choice to host your wedding reception.  Let's start when you first arrive at the venue, the entrance way is a nice place to do certain bride and groom photos.  I typically like to use this area for night time wedding photos at Chateau Le Mer, because they have all types of lights that create a nice effect when paired with the right lighting and pose.  It makes for a really nice dramatic and creative wedding photo.   

Then when you enter the building, they have two main ball rooms, the larger of the rooms is directly to the left, this room has a bar, as well as a huge oval shaped dome ceiling as well as a huge section of the wall is all widows.  These features are great for taking creative room shots, as well as getting light and airy images of the reception details.  Then when you continue a into the hall way, they have a wall on the left hand side that has a huge mirror and on the right side a huge fireplace.  All of these areas are great for creating unique and creative wedding photos of our brides & grooms.  When you get to the back of the venue, on the right hand side is where you will find the cocktail hour room, that also doubles as their viennese room at the end of the reception should you choose to purchase that in your package.  

In the back of the venue is where most of the wedding photos are typically taken, from traditional family photos to fun and silly bridal party photos.  We have done everything from candid first reveal photos to the bride and grooms entire shoot here.  On the far right side, they have a new addition to Chateau La Mer, which is a mini waterfall and sandy area.  I have personally just used this area for family and bridal party images.  Then the main attraction of Chateau La Mer is the dock area. The dock overlooks a body of water that is just gorgeous.  We do many photos of our couples here, we like to use wide angle lens and off camera flash which create a great dramatic look for a really unique and interesting wedding photograph of Chateau Le Mer.  On the far left is where the they have the out door ceremony space, it is a cute little area that in a pinch can be used to a few candid wedding images of our newlyweds and guests.