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As one of the best long island wedding photography studios, we have photographed many weddings at Jericho Terrace Catering Hall.  It is a great venue to host your wedding day.  They have a great cocktail hour room and every room they have to host your reception has LED lights for the walls.  This makes a huge difference in your reception wedding photos, such as your candid first dance,  creative parent dances, and fun dancing photos.  When you have that splash of color in the background, it makes your parent dances and first dance really look quite stunning.  

The only draw back at Jericho Terrace is that they have almost no outdoor grounds.  That means that if you want beautiful outdoor wedding photos of you and your husband, we are going to have to go someplace prior to your reception.  That being the only draw back for this top long island catering hall, you will still have an amazing wedding here and being a top long island wedding photography studio, we will get amazing photos no matter what the day throws at you.  

When we photograph weddings at Jericho Terrace, one of the first things we ask is, where would you like to do your bridal party photos and formal family photos.  If my brides tell me they would like to do their photos at the venue, I have to inform them we have no say in where in the venue we do her traditional family photos & silly and fun bridal party photos.  

The bridal attendant and wedding coordinator from Jericho Terrace are the ones who tell us where we can and cannot go in the venue.  If she is ok with that then that's the last time I bring it up.  But if she tells me she wants her family photos and bridal party photos with flowers and greenery in the background, then we have to plan when and where we will go.  




Long Island Wedding Reception Hall

World Class Catering and Event Planning

Jericho Terrace embodies perfection. Our elegant catering hall nestled in the heart of Long Island is accented with romantic bridal gardens, glorious patios and spectacular atriums. Find out why your neighbors have been choosing our renowned reception hall as their ideal choice for weddings and special events.

Amaze your guests with our award-winning cuisine, highly attentive staff and majestic gardens. Imagine your closest friends and family joining you on your special day at this beautiful oasis in Nassau County, New York. Conveniently located on Route 25 in Mineola, Jericho Terrace is accessible from all towns on Long Island, and is situated a mere 5-20 miles outside of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and New York City.

With over 25 years of experience, our in-house event coordinator is available to you every step of the way as your plan your special event. From designing your invitations to coordinating the entertainment and photography, our event specialist functions as a resource to guide you through this often-overwhelming process, at no extra charge!

Jericho Terrace flawlessly combines tradition with the twenty-first century amenities that you deserve. Two ornate cocktail rooms and five spacious dining rooms are guaranteed to comfortably host all your guests, no matter the occasion. Our unrivaled menu boasts world-class cuisine including Filet Mignon, Alaskan King Salmon, along with classic dishes and an impressive wine and cheese station. Allow us to entertain you and your guests in this elegant and serene atmosphere that is sure to make your event one to remember.

Each one of our actions revolves around perfection, impeccable attire,
friendly manner, positive attitude, superior food and outstanding service.
Remember, milestones are built from winning performances; Let's perform like winners.

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