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Larkfield Manor Wedding Photographer

Larkfield Manor Wedding  Photographer - Creative Door Shot

Larkfield Manor has so many great locations to create really great creative wedding photos. One of our favorite places to use are the front doors.  

I love how the brides Allure Couture wedding dress she purchased at Bridal Reflections flows so elegantly in this night time wedding photo taken at Larkfield Manor. 

We can use the entrance of Larkfield Manor in a number of ways to create creative and unique wedding photos such as this night time wedding photo you see here.  

We also love the new garden area in the back of the venue.  The pond in the back lights up all kinds of beautiful colors that really make the night time wedding photos at Larkfield Manor pop off of your wedding album and wow your friend and family.

The garden area in the back has everything from a water fountain that lights up, to a small pond that makes for great reflection photos at night.  When you know how to photograph this location, it really makes your day as a creative Long Island wedding photographer that much better and it makes the wedding photos we create there leap off the page and into your hearts.  

After this photo was taken we went back into the main ballroom where Barattini DJ's had the reception dancing all night long. 

If you like these wedding images from the best wedding photographer in Long Island, please do not hesitate to check out the rest of our website.  I am sure there is something you and your fiancé will love for your wedding.  

Location: 507 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, NY 11731.