Vineyard Celar Wedding Photo: Raphael Vineyard
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Vineyard Celar Wedding Photo: Raphael Vineyard

Vineyard Cellar Wedding Photo: Raphael Vineyard

We at Lotus Wedding Photography love to create stunning images like this one! This amazing Long Island wedding photo was taken in the cellar at the fantastic Raphael's Vineyard. In this wonderfully symbolic image the groom leads his bride upwards. She follows him with enthusiasm. The stone walls and wine barrels help to give this photo a sense of warmth. The detailing of the brides elegant wedding gown is evident as the dress cascades behind her. The reflections in the window panes give the image depth and intensity. The sky, wedding gown, tux and stone provide a contrast that makes this image so powerful. We love to capture the intensity of the moment to bring life to a photograph and give it a sense of spirit. It was not difficult with this lovely couple, who are full of their own charisma and personality. We can see the love and happiness of this groom and his bride and just know they will live happily ever after.

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We love to take dramatic Long Island wedding photographs that are not only amazing but also provide a story that was waiting to be told. We hope you love this powerfully creative wedding photo as much as we loved photographing it. We at Lotus Wedding Photography are the best at taking dramatic, powerful, photo journalistic and candid Long Island wedding photo's, because we not only capture an image, we tell a story by discovering an image within the story. If you like this image, then please check out our home page were we have many more fantastic, modern, creative, dramatic and photo journalistic wedding photos for your viewing pleasure.

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