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Wedding Photographer in Westbury Long Island

Wedding Photographer in Westbury Long Island

There are so many ways to photograph a wedding day.  We can choose a more candid approach or maybe the wedding photographer my choose to do a bit more posing.  Thats why I LOVE being a Long Island Wedding Photographer!  There is no wrong answer, it all comes down to style.  

Beach Wedding: Creative & Candid Wedding Photographers

In this particular wedding image, we have a mix of both posed and candid styles.  I saw that the sky looked incredible, the puffy clouds and dark sky has the perfect contrast to make a unique and dramatic wedding photo.  I asked the bride and groom to walk over to the edge of the dock and kiss.  So they did, as they kissed the brides wedding dress started to blow in the wind, everything just worked out so perfectly! 

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Location: Westbury Long Island, NY.