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The Woodlands at Woodbury Wedding Photos

The Woodlands at Woodbury Wedding Photos

This is one of my favorite creative and candid wedding photos.  If I had to say what our style is, it would be THIS creative wedding photo.

The Woodlands at Woodbury has a beautiful cherry blossom tree that makes for just spectacular wedding photos.  At this point in the day we just shot the bride and grooms first reveal, and now we were starting their couples photos.  When we did their finals appointment they said they like a mix of candid wedding photos and posed so this is a bit of both.  

We walked right under the cherry blossom tree and I told them just get close and hold each other, and then just talk.  I stepped very far away and I just waited for a minute, they started to talk and the groom must have made a joke because the bride started to laugh and this is the photo that we were able to capture.  I love how the brides wedding dress and the grooms non traditional suit pops off the photo.  But the real reason I love this candid wedding photograph is the couples expression.  

If you like this candid and creative wedding photo please feel free to check out the rest of the website.  I am sure there is more that you will love. 

Location: 1 S Woods Rd, Woodbury, NY 11797.