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Long Island Headshot Photographer

We are Long Island based headshot photographer. If your are in need of corporate headshots, headshots for modeling or acting, or professional family photos I would love the opportunity to show you why we are the right choice for you.

Our Approach 

When it comes to a taking a professional headshot, it's all about the end result.  What are you looking to accomplish by getting your headshot taken?  Who is going to view your portrait?  What do you want the viewer to feel when seeing your image for the first time?  When we ask ourselves these questions, we can breakdown the steps to taking the perfect headshot for you, and most importantly get you the results you want.

In our first conversation, we will go over what you do for a living, and why do you need a professional headshot.  The reason for this is, a Lawyer is going to need a portrait that shows he or she is professional, sharp and ready to take on your case.  

Because of this we would need to use Rembrandt lighting with a non distracting background to make you stand out.  This gives the viewer a sense of power and makes for a compelling image. Thus making them feel you are professional, experienced and will win their case. 

If you are a Real Estate Agent, you are going to want need a headshot that makes you look more approachable and friendly.  

To achieve this affect, we would use a softer light, with less shadows.  This beauty lighting will give the viewer a feeling of trust and warmth.

There is no one size fits all approach to professional headshots.  We take the time to understand who you are, and what you are looking for.  

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