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Are you a resident of Centereach Long Island and are looking for a professional wedding photographer?  Our team of talented photographers and videographers have proudly serviced the residents of Centereach for over 6 years.  We love what we do and if you take some time to view our wedding gallery, I believe you will see that in our work.  

A little history of Centereach according to Wikipedia -

The hamlet of Centereach was first called West Middle Island, but primarily became known as New Village until the early 20th century. When it was discovered that another town shared the same name in Upstate New York, the name was changed to Centereach in 1916. The name Centereach reflects the centrality of the hamlet's location on Long Island, literally meaning "center reached".

Over the years Centereach has progressed from a small hamlet to a primarily suburban community. The population in 1940 was only 628, but the area had grown to nearly 20,000 residents by 1970.

The two earliest suburban developments, which began in the early 1950s, were Dawn Estates and Eastwood Village.

In 1998, the first single-point urban interchange in New York State was opened in Centereach, at Middle Country Road and Nicolls Road.

In 2007, the town was commended for having the fastest and most complete snow clearing service, following the major blizzards.

Centereach, historically a working-class area, has experienced a construction boom in the past decade. 

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