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Inwood is one of our favorite places to provide our wedding photography and cinematography services.  We have taken beautiful photos at the Inwood Country Club many located at 50 peppe rd, Inwood, NY 1096.  

If you're tired of searching the internet for professional wedding photographers with an extensive background in creating different and fun wedding images look no farther. We're a team of fun loving professional wedding photographers and videographers. We have tons of experience shooting over 1000 weddings, we have seen it all and are prepared for anything your wedding day can throw at us.  Including big bridal parties, crazy families and grooms who hate taking photos, we have you covered. 

View some of our Wedding Photos.  We are always trying new and unique photography techniques and pushing ourselves and our team members to create different and fun images. We like to photograph in various styles, using unique lighting and casual poses.

A little history of Inwood, NY according to Wikipedia - Inwood was first settled c. 1817 and was originally called North West Point, named after its geographic position in relation to the more central part of Far Rockaway, of which it was then a part. Its original settlers were Jamaica Bay fishermen, generally lawless and troublesome to other Rockaway residents. Soon after the American Civil War, the area became known as Westville. The first true road in the area, the Inwood end of Lord Avenue, was built when the neighboring village of Lawrence was developed.

When the first post office in the village was established on February 25, 1889, the name of the village was changed to Inwood; a post office named Westville already existed in New York State. By the time of World War I, a large part of Inwood's population was of Italian and Albanian extraction.

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