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Being a Wantagh wedding photographer certainly has its advantages.  One being so close to Jones Beach!  The beach is a great location for our professional photographers and videographers to take fun and candid wedding photos.  

Are you tired of seeing the same wedding photos on all of these websites?  Are you looking for something different?  Well, look no further!  Our team is comprised of the best wedding photographers in Long Island.  Take a little time and check out the rest of our website to, I am sure you will see some very unique and creative wedding images in our wedding galleries

A little history of Wantagh, NY according to Wikipedia -

The Wantagh area was inhabited by the Merokee (or Merikoke) tribe of the Metoac Indians prior to the first wave of European settlement in the mid-17th century. The Merokee were part of the greater Montauk tribe that loosely ruled Long Island's Native Americans. Wantagh was the sachem (chief) of the Merokee tribe in 1647,and was later the grand sachem of the Montauk tribe from 1651-1658. The Dutch settlers came east from their New Amsterdam colony, and English settlers came south from Connecticut and Massachusetts settlements. When the English and Dutch settled their competing claims to Long Island in the 1650 treaty conducted in Hartford, the Dutch partition included all lands west of Oyster Bay and thus the Wantagh area. Long Island then was ceded to the Duke of York in 1663-64, but then fell back into Dutch hands after the Dutch regained New York in 1673. The Treaty of Westminster in 1674 settled the land claims once and for all, incorporating Long Island into the now-British colony of New York.

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