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As a Wyandanch wedding photographer.  I have had the privilege to photograph many weddings for the residents and their families.  If you are a bride or groom and are looking for a professional wedding photographer with the ability to take not just creative images, but candid wedding photos as well, look no further.  Our team is trained to look for the moments between the moments to capture truly touching images that you and your family will love forever. 

A little history of Wyandanch according to Wikipedia -

In July 1945, land located between Long Island Avenue and Grand Boulevard on the border between Wyandanch and Deer Park was donated by William Geiger to the Town of Babylon to be developed as a recreational site for residents of the Town of Babylon. The Babylon Town Board voted $3,500 to improve the "small lake." In 1946, Babylon cut the brush around the lake, dredged and cleared it, and rehabilitated "a sturdy log cabin" into concession and comfort stations. The Geiger Lake Town Beach and picnic grove was opened to the public on July 21, 1946. Geiger Memorial Lake was so popular that by 1948 "many houses" had been built on Elk Street on land with lake views. The town spent $156,000 refurbishing the Geiger Lake Pool in Wyandanch in the summer of 1989.  The Town of Babylon demolished the Wyandanch pool in 2011. A new children's spray park has been built and opened in July 2013. All other recreational facilities have been removed from the park including basketball courts (built less than 5 years prior), the children's playground, ball field and tennis courts. The William Geiger memorial monument regarding his donation and desires for land use has been removed.

If you have any questions or would like to check our availability for your wedding please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime, we are always here for you.  

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