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Questions to ask your Hair & Makeup Team

1) How flexible are you in regards to time?

Wedding days almost never run perfectly smooth. No matter how hard you plan sometimes, things happen. That is why it is important to get a hair and makeup team that can adapt to bridesmaids running late. Sometimes they do 2 or even 3 events a day, and if they are scheduled to leave in a certain time, they may feel like they have to rush through your bridesmaid's makeup so they can leave and get to the next wedding. That is why in our opinion, you should always try to get a team that is designated to you and only you the day of the wedding. This way, they can take their time and do the job right.

2) How early can you start?

This is SUPER important because depending on the size of your bridal party and the time your ceremony or first reveal is, sometimes we have to start with our couples as early as 6 or 7am. That means when we arrive at the start of your wedding day, that your hair and makeup should be 100% completed. Which means you need to start hair and makeup even earlier that that! Before you hire your hair and makeup team, make sure they are up to the task and can accommodate any time frame that you request. You would not want to plan your entire wedding and then a few weeks prior to your wedding have it ruined because your hair and makeup person could not start earlier.

3) What packages can we work out prior to the wedding day?

Each person is going to have their own set of pricing and packages for hair and makeup. I would speak to your bridal party and find out EXACTLY what the want services they want from the hair and makeup company. One of the most stressful times in the day is the start of it, when everyone is finishing up their hair and makeup and it is time to pay. Girls are running around looking for change, if you know what you are going to do prior, you will know how much it costs, and you will know to have that exact amount ready when your hair and makeup is complete. This saves countless time, and eases the stress of the wedding day.

Hair and Makeup Options So You Look Great on Your Wedding Day

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bride that didn’t expect her hair and makeup to be pristine on her wedding day. Every little detail goes into creating your overall stunning look, and hair and makeup are there for everyone to see, so they need to be perfect.

You may already know how you want your hair to look and what tones and shades you’ll be wearing for makeup, but you still have to make it happen. When it comes to hair and makeup, the “how” is often the most challenging aspect of creating your perfect wedding look.

Onsite Hair and Makeup

One option is to have both your hair and makeup done onsite. This is likely the most convenient way to go, as it will all be there in one place and you can just show up and let everyone get to work. You also won’t have much traveling to do after the fact, which will help ensure both hair and makeup are intact when the big moments come. A couple of downsides to this scenario are the effect on your budget and the fact that your hair and makeup team aren’t familiar with the intricacies of your hair or your face.

Working with Your Regular Stylist

If it is certainty you are craving, then working with your regular stylist is a good idea. When you use your regular stylist, you can feel confident in their work and you know what to expect. They have experience with your hair, so there won’t be any last minute surprises or issues when time is of the essence. Using your regular stylist will also be more cost-effective in most cases.

Have You Tried Spray Foundation?

If you typically have issues wearing makeup for long periods of time, then you might want to consider spray foundation, also known as airbrush foundation. Spray foundation helps to minimize any imperfections in your skin and will last for fifteen hours or more, making it ideal for a long wedding day. Spray foundation also helps your photographers because there is less need for touch ups before your photos are taken.