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Top Questions to ask your Florists

1) Exactly where will my flowers be delivered the day of the wedding? 

I know it sounds like a weird question, but after photographing hundreds of weddings I have seen this time and time again.  I am not going to say all, but most florists are running around all weekend long, dropping off flowers all over.  Most times, they will try to get out of bringing the flowers where they need to go, the like to say it will save time if I just bring everything to the venue or wherever.  The truth is, they just have 5 more stops to make and they want to save themselves the headache of multiple drop offs.  Before you book your florist, make sure they will deliver everything to the exact location at the exact time, they need to be there. 

2) What happens if you show me one type of arrangement, and then the day of the wedding, something else shows up? 

The old bait and switch.  Some florist's will show you one color, or one style of flower and then either by miscommunication or just by someone messing up, a different variation will end up at your door the day of the wedding.  What happens then? This is very important because, things like this happen all the time.  If you paid for purple roses and blue orchids show up, what are they going to do to remedy the situation? You want to make sure that you get everything in writing.  You want to make sure that the company you choose has a backup plan incase things do not go as planned. 

3) Discounts, do they offer any for larger orders? 

Like everything else, the more you do, the more your vendor should be able to do for you.  If you are having a small bridal party with 2 bouquets and 2 boutonnieres, they are not going to be able to offer you any discounts.  But, if you are having a 10 people in your bridal party and you need 10 boutonnieres and flower girl baskets and whatnot, they should be able to help you out on the price a bit.  It can't hurt to ask right?