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1 Videographer VS 2 Videographer

What is best for YOUR wedding?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, is it worth it to get two videographers? My answer is always, If you see the value in it, then do it, if you do not, then don’t. Here are some of the duties of the second videographer.

The Second Videographer like the second photographer starts with the Groom. He gets footage of him getting ready, his details, such as his cufflinks, shoes, suit etc. This helps the editor tell the story of your wedding day. It allows them to now introduce your fiancé in the beginning of the video, instead of seeing him for the first time at the altar. When you have that footage we can now cut back and forth from the Bride getting ready to the Groom getting ready. Also, it allows us to get audio of him either reading a card, or doing an interview. With this audio we are now able to lay that over the Bride getting ready and vice versa which gives you a much better product in my opinion.

When the Main Videographer and the Second Videographer meet up at the church, the Main Videographer will take over and get all of the “must have” shots. These are the most important shots of the day, such as the First Kiss from the center of the isle, or video of the Bride and Groom together or Bridal Party together. While this is being covered by the Main Videographer, the second Videographer is now able to use things like steady cams and gliders and of course the Drone. In the industry, we call this footage, B-roll. B-roll is hard to get, but when you do, it takes your wedding video from this is a great video, to OMG that was amazing. And likely so, when you see an aerial shot of yourself and your husband walking away into the sunset, it is something out of a movie.

With all of that being said, the main question is, can you have an awesome video without a second videographer? Yes, of course. We have shot many weddings with one videographer and it came out amazing. But, if the question is do you get a better quality product with two videographers? Yes, you do.