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Top 5 FREE Engagement Shoot Location

1) CW Post - I love this location for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is so diverse. You can shoot here 100 times and have 100 different results. They have beautiful green tree lined walk ways. Huge open areas that allow for some really creative wide angle images and interesting brick archways that make for really pretty photos.

2) Dumbo Brooklyn - One of our favorite places to photograph outside of Long Island would have to be Dumbo Brooklyn. They have so many things you can do and use to create beautiful images. The backdrop is the Manhattan Skyline, which is of course, to die for. But that is not all, they also have the carousel which is a cute addition to any engagement photo shoot. They have the gritty brick streets of Brooklyn which look fabulous. It really is someplace you might want to scout out for yourself when picking your engagement shoot locations.

3) North Port Harbor - When I am looking for a location that has a beautiful sunset, along with greenery and is easy to get to, North Port Harbor is the place to go. The sun sets right over the water which really is one of our favorite features.

4) Avalon Park - This a hidden gem. It is so huge that you can come here dozens of times and still not photograph at the same location twice. They have a sunflower field, yes you read the right a SUNFLOWER FIELD! It is so cute and in the right light, they make for STUNNING photos!

5) Jones Beach - If you ask me for a location that 10 times out of 10 is a great location for an engagement shoot, Jones Beach would be it. I know what most of you are thinking while reading this, Jones Beach? Really? Yes really! We have a few hidden locations in this beautiful area where the sun sets are to die for and you look like you are on a deserted island rather than Jones Beach.