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When we photograph weddings at Fox Hollow, our photographers make use of the beautiful grounds available.

Fox Hollow is a beautiful catering hall located at 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797

Fox Hollow Wedding Venue

Fox Hollow has various rooms you can choose from to host your wedding reception. These are the Garden Terrace, The Somerley, and the Winter Garden Room

The bride and groom can also choose to stay at The Inn at Fox Hollow, located next door, to prepare for their wedding and shoot their getting ready photos.

As you get ready for your wedding ceremony, a Lotus Weddings photographer will take snapshots of the bride's details. This includes her wedding dress, engagement ring, veil, bridal bouquet, and the couple's wedding bands.

We deliver what you ask for

One of the reasons Lotus Weddings is considered the best Fox Hollow Wedding Photographer is because we take the time to get to know our couples.

For example, some couples prefer light and airy wedding photos, while others like more dark and dramatic images.

When we spoke to the bride who is featured in the snapshot above, she told us she preferred posed and creative images. Therefore, the photographs we captured focused on delivering just that.

During the bride and groom's reception, we used a beautiful stone wall that lights up various colors as the background for a stunning nighttime photograph. To achieve this, our photographer used an off-camera flash mixed with ambient light.

In the image above, the newly weds share an intimate embrace. We can picture the lovely couple's glowing silhouette as a symbol of their bright future together. The bride's beautiful wedding gown is highlighted and shows off her eloquent ruffles.

This stunning photograph will transport the couple to the very moment it was taken and transmit the same joy, love, and enthusiasm they felt.

Capturing these moments and transforming them into heartfelt pictures is why our founder became a Long Island wedding photographer and started Lotus Wedding Photography.

 At Lotus Weddings we don't just take on a job. When we book our clients, we take on the responsibility to provide our new friends with memories and keepsakes that they can cherish forever.

We take pride in our work and aim to give our clients the most amazing Long Island wedding photographs that they could ask for!

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Written by Lotus Weddings