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This happy, loving couple holds hands together as they are totally lost in each other's eyes. The handsome groom is debonair in his traditional tux as the elegant bride-to-be looks amazing in her beautiful wedding sari. The wedding sari is bursting with wonderful color, which is representative of the character of these two.

The groom is a jokester and always knew exactly what to say to make his beautiful bride laugh. His lovely bride told us that his sense of humor is what she first fell in love with and brought them together. This gorgeous bride is as bubbly as can always be smiling and happy. This romantic and candid image was shot at the magical Westbury Manor Catering Hall.

The bright green foliage helps to brighten the vivid colors in the elegant wedding sari. The fountain and flowers in the foreground are blurred to bring the focus upon these joyful newlyweds. We wish this couple the very best as they start their new life together as husband and wife! If you love this creative Long Island wedding photo as much as we do, then please do come by and visit our home page. You will see many more powerful, romantic images that will put a smile on your face. We hope you like what you see as we at Lotus Wedding Photography strive to give our clients only the very best of every service we provide, from photographs, custom wedding videos, wedding albums, and more.

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