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I truly love being a Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding Photographer. They have beautiful grounds, including a beach area, garden area, and of course, their iconic Crest Hollow pool, which we love to take beautiful and creative wedding photos for all of our brides and grooms.

Crest Hollow Country Club is located at 8325 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797.

All of these locations at Crest Hollow Country Club are perfect for creating creative wedding pictures that our newlyweds will love to have in their wedding album.

At this point in the wedding day, we finished photographing the brides "getting ready" section of the day.

We photographed the bride's wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal bouquet, bridal makeup, and hair, as well as her shoes all before her ceremony.

Her ceremony was held at St. John University, where the couple first meet. When we photograph a ceremony, we now act photojournalists. We are there to capture all of the candid moments as unobtrusive as possible. Once the ceremony was completed, we walked around the grounds to take creative images for their wedding album and thank you cards.

We had already taken many lights and airy wedding photos of the newlyweds, but we wanted to create a photo that showed off the bride's wedding dress and veil.

When we talked to the newlyweds prior to their wedding, they informed us that they like a variety of photography styles. I took many light and airy images during their wedding, but with that in mind, we created this artistic wedding photo in addition to the candid images we took.

I love how the veil flows in the wind and how dramatic the sky looks.

When we photograph a wedding at Crest Hollow, I like to use as much of their grounds to create beautiful wedding photos, just like the one you see here. Some of our favorite locations to use are their north garden, English garden, and coral beach. The palm trees are the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. If you are looking for a stunning Long Island catering hall to host your wedding reception, Crest Hollow Country Club should be your first stop. You will have the wedding of your dreams at this primer Long Island catering hall.

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