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Fox Hollow is a beautiful venue located at 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797.

It has everything a couple could ask for in a Long Island Catering Hall to host their wedding reception.

Fox Hollow sits on eight-acres and has everything from a gorgeous banquet hall and pristine gardens with colorful flowers, waterfalls, and streams.

Garden Terrace Wedding Gallery

Fox Hollow's garden area next to the Garden Terrace grand ballroom is the perfect place to photograph the Bride and Groom alone on their wedding day. The tall green trees are the perfect backdrop for either light and airy or creative images of our couples.

We have had the privilege to photograph many weddings at Fox Hollow over the past ten years. Our couples know us for our creative and candid approach when we capture their big day.

This image was taken during the Brides "getting ready" section of our photoshoot. She chooses to get ready at the Inn at Fox Hollow, located right next door. This is the perfect getting ready location due to the proximity to the venue, and there is no need for a limo as you can just walk to Fox Hollow from here.

At this point of the wedding day, we already photographed the bride's engagement ring, wedding bands, floral arrangements, invitation, and a white wedding dress. We faked the makeup artists applying the bridal makeup and hair stylists, putting the finishing details on the bride-to-be.

When we take pictures of our couples, we use natural light, speed lights, softboxes, strobes, and various other photography techniques. We choose to use natural light for this image. We were also hired to provide videography for the couple. Our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers were in the middle of her interview when we asked her to describe her groom-to-be. In the middle of her interview, she started to cry, and this was the perfect moment to capture a candid and photojournalistic image.

I love the contrast of the bride dresses paired with the Inn at Fox Hollows dark wallpaper. This lets the viewers eyes go straight to the point of the image, which is the Brides expression. Candid images are the real heart and soul of any wedding album. Of course, we love beautifully posed images of our Brides & Grooms, fun and silly bridal party pictures, and timeless family portraits. Still, nothing beats the pure emotion of a candid photograph.

If you like this, you should check out our full gallery of images from the Fox Hollow.

I have also put together a slideshow from a wedding we photographed in the Winter Garden Room at Fox Hollow.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, we truly love Fox Hollow and their beautiful features. It is one of our favorite places to photograph our amazing couple's wedding day.

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Written by Lotus Weddings