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As a wedding photographer and videographer who has photographed many weddings at Fox Hollow, I have to say, I love it here.

Working at Fox Hollow

Our team of professional wedding photographers has an intimate knowledge of Fox Hollow, and its grounds. We have had the privilege of photographing many weddings in all of their rooms, including the Somerley at Fox Hollow, the Winter Garden Room, and the Garden Terrace Room.


Wedding Photos from Fox Hollow

In this creative wedding photo, we see the eloquent silhouette of this beautiful bride. The ruffle detailing of her wedding gown is illuminated by the natural sunlight which shines in from the window.

This black and white image is a favorite at Lotus Wedding Photography, as it tells a story about the character of this bride. Stunning, graceful, and glamorous are just a few words that describe what one sees in this photograph. This photo was taken at the bride's home during her "getting ready" section of the day. After this image was taken, we went to the church to photograph the ceremony.

It is our intent to create ageless photographic flashbacks that are loving, creative, and powerful to provide cherished memories that last.

Visit our gallery where you will see many more wedding photographs which we hope you enjoy!

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