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While each photographer and videographer is going to have their own price structure, we believe our a la carte price list is the best way to go when putting together your package. By going with an a la carte price list, you can choose to purchase exactly what you want and leave everything else out. No two weddings are the same, so why should your price be the same.

Working at Fox Hollow

Our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers have photographed many weddings at Fox Hollow.

Fox Hollow is located at 7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY. This multi wedding catering hall is equipped to host up to 3 weddings at a time. There are many great locations around this venue to create beautiful wedding photos for you and your family to love forever.

When we are asked to provide our photography and videography services at Fox Hollow, we know all of the great locations.

One of our favorite places to photograph our couples is the front of the venue. We love to use the gates to create images like the one you are currently viewing. The lights on the gate make bokeh that leads your eye to the bride and groom. While I love photography tricks like bokeh, what really draws me into this wedding photograph is the candid expression the bride's face as her husband holds her close to him.

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Written by Lotus Weddings