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Westbury Manor Catering Hall is one of our favorite places to photograph a wedding. It has many locations that make for amazing wedding photos.

Our team of professional wedding photographers has photographed many weddings at Westbury Manor.

At this point in the wedding day, we had already photographed all of the day's major events, such as the getting-ready photos, the bride's wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding bands, and the bridal bouquet. We also photographed the ceremony in a candid photographic style, that style is also called photojournalism.

After the ceremony was complete, we captured the fun bridal party and family photos right on the Westbury Manor's garden area. We were all but through with the reception, when we asked the newlyweds if they would like some night time photos. After a few spots such as the water fountain, the bridge, and stone walkway, we used the Venue itself to create this creative nighttime wedding photo at Westbury Manor.

I love the dramatic lighting, and how the veil flows as the bride kisses the groom.

This creative and different night time wedding photo at Westbury Manor Caterers was taken a few minutes after dinner ended. I love the mix of dramatic and romantic.

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Written by Lotus Weddings