Bridgeview Yacht Club |  Wedding Photos & Videos
Lotus Wedding Photography
Lotus Wedding Photography

Bridgeview Yacht Club | Wedding Photos & Videos

Bridgeview Yacht Club |  Wedding Photos & Videos

This sunset wedding photo was taken at a Bridgeview Yacht Club in Island Park.  

Bridgeview Yacht Club Wedding Pics

Our team of professional wedding photographers have photographed many weddings at Bridgeview Yacht Club.   We know all of the locations to create creative and modern wedding photographs that you and your husband will love forever.

Creative Wedding Photos at Bridgeview Yacht Club

At this point in the wedding day, all of the formal photos were completed.  We took creative images of the brides details, such as her white backless wedding dress, bridal bouquet, engagement ring, and wedding bands.  We photographed the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen, as as well as their family portraits.  

Just as the final formalities were completed such as the cake cutting & parent dances I noticed that the sun was setting.  We quickly ran to Bridgeview Yacht Club's bridal suite and took this sun photo on the balcony.

Bridgewview Yacht Club Bridal Suite Wedding Pics

Bridgeview's bridal suite is unlike any other catering halls bridal suite.  The single light source allows us to create light and airy as well as dramatic and artistic images.  We try to give you a vast array of styles throughout your wedding day. Thus allowing you to choose a diverse selection of images for your wedding album and parent albums.

Location: 80 Waterfront Blvd, Island Park, NY 11558.