Candid Wedding Photographer
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Candid Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photographer

In your search for a professional wedding photographer in Long Island, you will see a slew of various styles. Some photographers shoot very traditional while others shoot more artistic. We at Lotus Weddings feel that you need various styles on your wedding day.

While some sections of the day require us to shoot more traditionally, such as formal family portraits and some bridal party images. We love to capture artistic and creative images of the newlyweds. But no style tells the story of your wedding day such as candid wedding photographs. These images are unexpected and are the heart and soul of any wedding album.

Our team of high quality wedding photographers and videographers are well versed in all aspects of styles.

This image was taken in the getting ready section on the day, the bride just read a heartwarming card from the groom to be. He talked about when they meet for the first time up until the moment he knew he loved her. This is a moment we can't script, we have to keep a keen eye out for moments such as this and be ready to photograph it at any point during your wedding day.

Check for availability, we book up for most spring, summer and fall weddings so secure your team as early as possible to ensure you have the right photographer on your wedding day.

Location: Long Island.