Candid Wedding Photographer on Long Island
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Candid Wedding Photographer on Long Island

Candid Wedding Photographer on Long Island

As a professional wedding photographer on Long Island, we prefer to take candid wedding photos over posed images. Photojournalistic images show who our brides and grooms really are. We love to show real expressions and emotions.

This candid wedding photo was taken during the brides "getting ready" section of the day. She wanted a photo of her maid of honor and her before the first reveal. Each wedding day is different, and so whould you images. I wanted to set up something that felt real and when I entered the brides hotel room, I saw this window and knew there was great light there and wanted to create something special for her and her fiénce.

I asked the bridal party to stand back and then had the bride and her maid of honor stand by the window, I did not tell them what to do, which makes this such a great candid wedding photo. They held hands and started cracking jokes and laughing, these moments were just what I was looking for. I snapped a few photos and this is what I was able to create for them.

The window light created the perfect light source to illuminate their faces and allowed me to capture their expressions perfectly.

Candid wedding photos like this are the reason I became a Long Island wedding photographer.

After this photo was taken we went to the catering hall and completed the rest of the formal family photos, as well as the fun images of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the ceremony, and reception.

Location: Long Island.