CREATIVE Mansion at Oyster Bay Wedding Photographer
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CREATIVE Mansion at Oyster Bay Wedding Photographer


at Oyster Bay 

Wedding Photographer

This is one of my favorite creative wedding photos taken at The Mansion at Oyster Bay.

The Mansion at Oyster bay has a beautiful cherry blossom tree in the front of the venue that makes for great candid wedding photos. 

At this point in the day we just shot the bride and grooms first reveal, the fun bridal party photos and traditional family portraits. Once these were completed we moved on to photograph the newlyweds portrait session.

One of the reasons we are considered the most best Mansion at Oyster bay wedding photographers is because we get to know our clients.  By learning about what you and your fiancĂ©'s vision for your wedding album, we can focus on what is important to you. When we did the couples finals appointment in our studio, they said they like a mix of candid wedding photos and posed.  

If you like this candid and creative wedding photo please feel free to check out the rest of the website.  I am sure there is more that you will love. 

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Location: 1 S Woods Rd, Woodbury, NY 11797.