Creative wedding photographer in Long Island
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Creative wedding photographer in Long Island

Creative wedding photographer in Long Island

One of my favorite part of any wedding day, is the bride prep. I try to be as creative as I possibly can on any wedding day. As a Long Island wedding photographer we photograph over 300 weddings each year.

Our team of professional photographers and videographers can photograph your wedding in many different styles. We can shoot dark and dramatic or more light and airy, just depending on the mood of the day and what our couples like.

We could also choose to photograph in a more traditional style too. Altho one style is not "better" than the other and there is a time and place for everything. Our team tends to lean more towards the creative side.

In this creative wedding image, the bride is finishing her hair, and the hair dresser decided to finish it off with a little hair spray. While the photo looks like it is totally candid, it really is not. We asked the bride to sit here and then we asked the hair dresser to let us know when she was going to finish up, we used flash and natural window light. The brides expression is awesome and I love how the wedding dress from Bridal Reflections is hanging in the background, it really helps tell the story of the the day.

If you like this creative wedding photo, please feel free to check out the rest of our website. I am sure there is more here that you will love.

Location: Long Island.

1/160; f/2.8; ISO 50; 24.0 mm.