Giorgio's Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos - Modern Images
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Giorgio's Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos - Modern Images

Giorgio's Baiting Hollow Wedding Photos - Modern Images

Giorgios Caterers has the perfect backdrop for modern and creative wedding photos.

The bride and groom share a moment in the vineyard as they gaze into one another's eyes. Though the groom is dashing in his stance in his sophisticated tuxedo, the bride seems to have all eyes on her husband as she stands in her amazingly elegant wedding dress. The two stand beneath a breathtaking sky.

The greenery makes this pair seem to visually pop off the image creating a some what three dimensional appearance. The flowers in the background along with the groom's boutonniere and the bridal bouquet give this photograph just the right amount of color to create a stunning wedding picture.

This wedding was incredible to photograph, because we enjoyed watching family and friends enjoy themselves immensely as they all came together to celebrate this wonderful wedding. The couple was up for anything when it came to creative photographic ideas, which only helped to make these wedding photographs EPIC! This loving couple can easily look at their amazing wedding album and be taken back to the exciting day full of so much celebrating, dancing, fun memories, love and purpose. We wish this happy couple all the best in their future together as husband and wife.

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Location: Giorgios, 100 Fox Hill Dr, Calverton, NY 11933.