HIGHEST RATED Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer

HIGHEST RATED Venetian Yacht Club Wedding Photographer


Venetian Yacht Club 

Wedding Photographer 

Creating candid wedding photos like this is why I became a Wedding Photographer. This photo was taken at The Venetian Yacht Club in Babylon NY. We have had the pleasure of photographing many weddings at the Venetian Yacht Club over the years. 

We just finished photographing the brides getting ready photos.  We photographed the engagement ring, wedding bands and traditional family photos.  After the fun and silly bridal party images, we moved on the the newlyweds alone photographs.  One of the things that makes us the best Venetian Yacht Club wedding photographers is that we love what we do more then you possibly know.  We truly care about the quality of your wedding photographs and wedding video.  We want to make your experience as memorable as possible.  At the end of your wedding day, you will not only say you had a great time with your Long Island wedding photographer, you will say your photos are incredible too! 

Wedding Photographer in Babylon Long Island. 

When you get a couple like this you can't help but get great candid wedding photos such as this.  The beautiful bride brings her handsome groom in close for a kiss.  I love the lighting in this image, the sun tickles the couples hair and the blur in front of the couple brings the viewers eyes right to the couples lips.  

Location: 494 Fire Island Ave, Babylon, NY 11702 .