Hipster Wedding Photos - Creative and Unique Images
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Hipster Wedding Photos - Creative and Unique Images

Hipster Wedding Photos - Creative and Unique Images

This loving, happy couple shares yet another amazingly romantic moment with one another in the fantastic St Patricks Church. This bride and groom stole the show, as they were so in love with one another that it as though to them, they were the only two people in the room. 

The way they looked into one another's eyes just made the out side world seem to disappear. We can feel in this Long Island wedding image that these two love birds are truly each others soul mate and have been brought together by fate. The wedding was inevitable as they clearly already belong to one another in heart and soul. When we look upon this photo we are reassured that true love DOES exist! There is a soulmate for every one and we can all live happily ever after, just as these two most definitely will! 

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The beautiful bride is elegant as can be as her lovely wedding veil trails over the back of the bench. We can see by the warm lighting the eloquent embroidery of her delicate veil and wedding gown. The groom is confident as ever in his modern tux as he gazes at his bride to be. After the fantastic wedding ceremony it was off to the incredible Woodbury Country Club for some celebrating with family and friends where memories were made and captured by Lotus Wedding photographers. We make epic moments into timeless memories that can be shared with loved ones for years to come. Please check out our home page and enjoy many more dramatic and powerfully romantic Long Island wedding photographs

Location: 440 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514.