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Lotus Weddings is no stranger when it comes to creating unique and creative Indian Wedding Photography and Videography.

We started this Indian Wedding Photography Gallery on day two of their wedding celebration. We started taking photos of the bride and grooms wedding details. We always try to create something new and interesting for each and every wedding. I love the colorful wedding dress and beautiful henna on the brides hands. The brides getting ready photos were the next portion of the day, these images are sometimes the most creative because it is when can control just about everything. From the brides pose, to the lighting and the mood of each and every photo. That is why many of the brides photos alone, are a bit more artistic. Don't get me wrong, we love getting candid Indian Wedding Photos too, just like when the groomsman picked up the groom and tossed him in the air. But when it comes to the getting ready photos of the bride, we tend to like to be as creative as we can at this point of the wedding day.

Photographing creative detail photos is how we start most wedding days because the details help tell the story of the day. There is no greater feeling than looking at a clients wedding album and saying wow, I feel like I was there, I feel like I know them. That is what we aim to do at Lotus Weddings.

After we shot the bride and the grooms detail photos, we then proceeded to take a few traditional outdoor family photos. As much as we love taking creative and artistic wedding photos, traditional family photos play a huge role in any wedding album.

We then move on to some fun bridal party photos. We always start with a traditional camera aware wedding photo, where the bride and her bridesmaids or the groom and his grooms men, are posed and are looking straight into the camera. This is a must have traditional Indian Wedding Photo that must be taken at every Long Island Indian Wedding. But, after this is done, we then like to have some fun. We like to be silly, and goofy with the bridal party. Getting the groomsmen to lift up the groom and toss him in the air, or grab each others butts are just a few ways that we like to have fun with our brides and grooms.

Once the bridal party photos are completed we them move on to family photos. This is an important part to any wedding day. We always talk to our couples a month prior to their wedding to determine when and where we will do her traditional family photos. As well as who they would like to photograph. This is extremely important, we like to go over as much as humanly possible prior to the wedding so we are not asking questions the day of. We have all the information prior to the event so we can schedule how long it should take to take these family photos.

When all of the bridal party & family photos have been taken. We then take a short break for our couples to regroup and relax for a few minutes and then we move on to our photo session of our bride and groom. This is one of my favorite part of any Long Island Indian Wedding. This is the part of the day where I can be as artistic as I want. If I want to use cool sun flare techniques or use creative angles. I can go light and airy or dark and dramatic. I typically give a nice mix of both, but I love being able to create real genuine works of art that our brides and grooms and their families will love forever.