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Lotus Wedding Photography has photographed many Indian Weddings on Long Island since being established over 7 years ago.

Our team of professional wedding photographers are well versed in all aspects of Indian traditions such as Misri, Sangeet Party, Mehendi, Haldi Ceremony, Mandap, Laja Homa, Mangalsultra.

When you choose a professional wedding photographer to document your Indian wedding on Long Island you want to make sure they are full time wedding photographers. Lotus Wedding Photography specializes in wedding photography.

When you choose us to photograph your wedding day you are choosing a studio that will deliver you creative and candid wedding photography no matter what the location or weather.

Indian Wedding Photos

Indian weddings are known for their unique characteristics from the colorful attire to Mehendi also known as henna. Here are a few traditional wedding customs that your wedding photographer should be familiar with when photographing your wedding.

Misri Wedding Photos

Indian weddings can last up to last three days.

The Misri is the first of these ceremonies, it takes place several days before the actual wedding day.

In this ceremony, the couple prays, and will often exchange gold rings and flowers. The groom’s parents gift the bride with a basket of gifts and misri, these are to representative of sweetness in the future.

Sangeet Party Wedding Photographs

The Sangeet party is a magical fun filled party filled with song and dance. It can be held separately or combined with the Mehendi ceremony.

Mehendi or Henna Party

The Mehendi or Henna ceremony is only for the women and takes place one day before the couples wedding day. All of the women have beautiful patterns drawn on their hands and feet. The designs signify a deep bond between the husband and wife. The Mehendi ceremony is combined with Sagri, in which the groom’s female family members bring gifts and flowers to the bride.

Haldi Ceremony

On the day of the actual wedding the Haldi cermeony is held. Both sides of the couples camily spread a mixture of oil, water and turmeric over the skin and clothes of the bride as well as the groom.


In traditional Indian weddings, the ceremony takes place under a Mandap, which is a four-pillared canopy. It is customary for the Mandap to be decorated with bright colors. This is where we will photograph your formal family portraits. These are must have photos for any wedding album.

Laja Homa

During the wedding ceremony, the brother of the bride pours rice into the brides hands. The bride lets the rice fall into a sacred fire which is lit in traditional ceremonies, the lighting of the fire is called Agni.


In the Hindu tradition, rather than exchanging wedding rings, the groom ties a mangalsultra around the bride’s neck. The Mangalsultra is a necklace with two gold pendants. The groom ties the necklace with three knots to signify a strong bonding for 100 years.

Professional Indian Wedding Photographer on Long Island

I have been a professional Long Island wedding photographer for over 10 years. I have photographed many weddings over my career. Some of the reasons I love photographing Indian weddings are the beautiful colors of the gowns, the red, gold, orange and yellows really makes our wedding photographs stand out. The traditions run deep and mean something to our couples and their families. Because of this the candid wedding pictures we are able to take are emotional and moving.