Long Island Barn Wedding Photographer
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Long Island Barn Wedding Photographer

Long Island Barn Wedding Photographer

Not only do the bride and groom share a love of one another, but they also share a love of equestrianism which is evident in this barn wedding photo.

As you can see in creative detail photo of the brides bouquet on a saddle.  Horseback riding is very important to this couple, which is why they chose to incorporate the horses and stables into their very special wedding day. 

Their horses mean the world to them, and are more like an endearing friend than a farm animal. This barn wedding photograph is a symbolic representation of the love that the bride and groom share. The bright red roses of this bridal bouquet sit atop one of the saddles used by this couple, as a representation of their love of each other and of riding. Both the bride and groom often go horse back riding together. They take a picnic along with them and have had many romantic outings while enjoying their favorite thing to do.

Rose Bridal Bouquet: Barn and Saddle 

This artistic edited image gives a vintage feel, with abundance of vibrant color. The saddle provides us with the rustic feel that the couple wanted to portray, along with the softness of the bridal bouquet. In this Creative wedding photo, the intricate detailing of the flower petals is made more vivid by the added lighting and shadow effects. We create images like this one, to capture the details of an object by giving it life with different effects making it come alive, giving the image a spirit that one can feel.

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