Long Island City Wedding Photographer - AWARD WINNING
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Long Island City Wedding Photographer - AWARD WINNING

Long Island City Wedding Photographer -


Long Island City is one of our favorite places to photograph weddings. There are so many iconic locations to photograph our fun bridal party photos as well as our newlyweds portraits here.

The Long Island City Piers, the Pepsi Cola Sign as well as Gantry Plaza State Park are just a few of my favorite locations to take award winning wedding photographs.

This image was taken on the Long Island City Piers. We took the bride and grooms portraits here after their Greek Ceremony.

When we talked to our couples they expressed that they were interested in a variety of photography styles. They wanted some light and airy candid images as well as some posed and creative photos. By learning this, we photographed their wedding in a style that matches who you are as a couple, thus allowing us to create a wedding album full of images you love.

During the start of the wedding day, we photographed the brides details such as her wedding dress, bridal bouquet, wedding bands, engagement rings as well as other various detail photos that meant something the the bride.

We then moved on to some getting ready images of her and her bridesmaids, these images help us tell the story of the day in our couples wedding albums.

After these pictures were taken we photographed the Greek ceremony as candid as possible. I love taking photojournalistic wedding photos. These photographs help tell real story of our couples. The emotions and expressions that can't be posed are some of the best to capture on and wedding day.

Location: Long Island City, NY 11101.