Raphael's Vineyard Wedding Photography Studio
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Raphael's Vineyard Wedding Photography Studio

Raphael's Vineyard Wedding Photography Studio

Photographing a wedding at Raphael's Vineyard is an absolute blast!  The grounds of this Long Island venue is absolutely spectacular.  They have an incredible vineyard that lends itself to breathtaking and unique wedding photos.  We have photographed dozens of weddings here and each and every time, it is nothing less then magical.  

There are many things I truly love about his wedding photo.  I love the candid moment between the couple, the dramatic sunset mixed with the soft pose of the couple makes this photo the perfect mix of dynamic and candid wedding photography. 

Raphael's Vineyard is one of our top 5 venues in all of Long Island. 

At Lotus Wedding Photography take part in the creation of treasured memories, to convey emotion with imagery to give people the sense of being in the moment. 

This happy couple can just look at their wedding album and be taken back into a wonderful, joyful day full of fun memories, love and passion. 

If you are inspired by this photo as much as we are, then please check out our home page where you will see many more powerful, romantic and stunning, candid and different Long Island wedding photos. 

Location: Raphael's Vineyard - 39390 Route 25, Peconic, NY 11958.