Stonebridge Country Club Wedding Gallery
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Stonebridge Country Club Wedding Gallery

Stonebridge Country Club is located at 4000 Raynors Way, Smithtown, NY 11797

We have had the pleasure of photographing many weddings at Stonebridge Country Club over the past year as one of their recommended vendors.

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This night time portrait of the Bride & Groom was one of the last images we were able to create on their wedding day.

At this point in the wedding, we have had already photographed the couples detail photos such as her engagement ring, wedding bands, floral arrangements, bridal bouquet and of course her beautiful white wedding dress. The fun bridal party photos and traditional family pictures were already completed as well. We were well into the reception also, the couples grand entrance and first dance had already been completed so we snuck the Bride & Groom outside to take some night photos.

When you look at Stonebridge Country Club from behind, they have these lights that illuminate the golf course, I thought if I positioned the couple in between these it would make for a great silhouette. When we took this shoot, even I was surprised how beautiful the venue looked as the night sky filled with warm light and the lights from the DJ lit up the grand ballroom.

Are you getting married at Stonebridge Country Club and are in need of a professional wedding photographer? Contact Us to set up and appointment. I would love to learn more about you and your big day.

Location: 2000 Raynors Way, Smithtown, NY 11787.

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